Connect your PagerDuty with PingSafe

PagerDuty and PingSafe Integration Benefits

  • Notify on-call responders based on security alerts sent from PingSafe.
  • Create high and low urgency incidents based on the severity of the issue from the PingSafe dashboard.

How it Works

There are two ways to create security incidents on PagerDuty:

  • Manual Mode: Manually go to the issue page on PingSafe and create the PagerDuty incident.
  • Auto Mode: Incidents are created automatically by PingSafe when any new security vulnerability is detected.


  • PagerDuty integrations require an admin base role for account authorization. If you do not have this role, please reach out to an Admin or Account Owner within your organization to configure the integration.

Integration Walkthrough

In PagerDuty (Integrating With a Service)

  1. Go to the Configuration menu and select Services.
  2. There are two ways to add an integration to a service:
  • If you are adding your integration to an existing service: Click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then, select the Integrations tab and click the New Integration button.
  • If you are creating a new service for your integration: Please read PagerDuty’s documentation in section Configuring Services and Integrations and follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Service section, selecting PingSafe AI as the Integration Type in step 4. Continue with the In PingSafe AI section (below) once you have finished these steps.
  1. Enter an Integration Name in the format pingsafe-ai-service-name (e.g. pingsafe-ai-security-service) and select PingSafe AI from the Integration Type menu.
  2. Click the Add Integration button to save your new integration. You will be get redirected to the Integrations tab for your service.
  3. Verify that an Integration Key has been generated on this screen.

In PingSafe AI

  1. From the settings menu, select PagerDuty integration.
  2. Click “Setup Integration” to grant authorization to PingSafe for your PagerDuty.
  3. Click “Add to PagerDuty” to choose the service where incidents should be created and finish the setup.

How to Uninstall

  1. Go to the PagerDuty integration section in the PingSafe dashboard and click “remove.”

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions that you may have.


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