Creating PingSafe Alert Tickets on JIRA

Steps on integrating PingSafe with JIRA to create tickets of security alerts.

Why integrate PingSafe with JIRA?

JIRA is a project management tool for software development that also supports bug and issue tracking for agile software. The integration of JIRA with PingSafe allows end-users to utilize the features of JIRA with PingSafe and improve the team’s collaboration and communication.

What JIRA features are utilized by PingSafe?

PingSafe uses JIRA to organise teams and track issues for projects, especially for security engineers/DevOps/product developers team.

New projects can be created at the time of integration at the JIRA platform. 

Individual tickets are created for every issue generated by PingSafe.

Teams can create JIRA tickets from the PingSafe platform and it is automatically updated in case a new vulnerable resource is discovered.

Steps to receive PingSafe alerts tickets on JIRA.

  1. Login to PingSafe AI. Click on your user profile(marked within the circle). Click on Settings.
  2. In the settings tab under the Integrations section, click on JIRA.
  3. Click on Add to Jira.
  4. Choose Select an existing project or Create a new project. 
    We recommend users create a new project titled “PingSafe Alerts” to organize everything in a place.
    NOTE: New project can only be created if the user has the admin role at JIRA.

  5. Under JIRA Email address fill in the email id registered at JIRA account. JIRA URL is the company’s URL name registered at JIRA. Leave JIRA API key blank for now.
  6. Go to . Click on Create API Token.
  7. Choose a label for the token. Click on Create.
  8. An API token is generated. Click on Copy.
  9. Go back to the PingSafe tab and paste the value. Click on Next. 
  10. Now users who selected Existing Projected for integration should follow substep (a) and the ones creating new project will follow step (b).
  11. Select Project to work upon from the drop-down menu and choose an issue type from the given options. Click on Connect.
  12. Select the issue type required for the project. Click on Connect.
  13. NOTE: The project name will be generated automatically and can be changed later on JIRA.
  14. JIRA integration is successful. Enable the Use Auto Mode to automatically generate JIRA tickets for issues.

    Please feel free to reach out to with any questions that you may have.
    PingSafe Support