Getting PingSafe Alerts on Slack

Steps on integrating PingSafe with Slack to receive security alerts.

Why integrate PingSafe with Slack?

Slack is the most famous collaboration platform for organizations. To receive security alert messages from PingSafe on a priority basis we recommend our customers to integrate Slack with PingSafe. By default, we send automated mails to our customers about the alerts generated by PingSafe. But with mails from different organizations, there is a chance of missing out on High Severity Security alerts from PingSafe. Thus, to provide real-time alerts of security issues to our customers, we have introduced the option of integrating Slack with PingSafe.

Steps to receive PingSafe alerts on Slack.

  1. Login to PingSafe. Click on your user profile. Click on Settings. (see pic for reference).
  2.  In the settings tab under the Integrations section, click on Slack.
  3. Click on Add to slack.
  4. Fill in the workspace’s slack URL. (In case workspace URL is not known go to Find your workspaces and enter your work email address.)
  5. Fill in the email id and password for Slack and click on Sign in.
  6. Under the section Where should PingSafe AI post?, click on search for a channel (marked within the circle). A drop-down menu will appear. Select channels where you want to receive messages by PingSafe. Click on Allow.
  7.  After following the above steps, Slack will be integrated with PingSafe. Users can select the checkboxes for the severity levels they would like to receive updates.


After completing the steps, all new alerts will be sent to the specified Slack channel.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions that you may have.


PingSafe Support